San Diego Dog Hurt in Hunt for Opossum

 |  Oct 3rd 2006  |   2 Contributions


This would be almost comical if the dog hadn't gotten hurt in the chaos. It sounds like the Keystone Cops making a Jackass movie.

Thanks to Lynn Hartke for sending in this article!

Opossum clash ends with arrest, dog shot

SAN DIEGO --A dispute that began over the capture of an opossum in a residential neighborhood ended with police shooting a Rottweiler and arresting a man after stunning him with a Taser gun.

A fight broke out in the Talmadge area of San Diego after a resident saw a large opossum running in the area Tuesday and asked a maintenance worker to corral the feral animal, prompting a call to police.

An officer at the scene shot a Taser gun at one man who became combative, according to police reports.

The man removed the barbs and fled through a neighboring yard, where a Rottweiler allegedly came at the officer. The officer fired several shots in self-defense, police said.

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