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I received an email from Dogster member Mica, she wanted to share the dangers of the Sago Palm. On May 20th her pal Tallulah Belle was poisoned, she was one of the lucky ones, she survived.

I’ve done other posts on plants that are dangerous but the Sago Palm was never on the list. This plant contains cyanide, yet there are no labels warning about the danger to animals and children.

Here’s Tula’s story, use her experience to prevent this from happening to your beloved pet.


Howlo Pupsters,

Very important info following: Pass the word. Warn your friends. Keep your eye on the SAGO PALM plant. They are beautiful, hardy and DEADLY to dogs, cats and human kids.

On May 20th I ate part of the base of my mom’s SAGO PALM plant.

Two hours later I was vomiting repeatedly and violently. I became weak and lethargic.

The Vets had never had a case of SAGO PALM poisoning so I was rushed to the PET ER. They had never had a case of SAGO PALM poisoning either due to this NOT being a plant normally found in Maryland. That is changing now and they are everywhere.

The ASPCA Poison Control Hotline saved me. The Vets there provided the treatment protocol to the ER that saved me. THANK YOU ASPCA.

50-75% of All dogs who ingest any SAGO PALM go on to develop liver failure at 24 – 48 hours after ingestion. They die or have to be euthanized.

I was one of the very, very, very lucky ones.

With the repeated vomiting on my part, the intense and rapid treatment from the ER and with my guardian angel ELSA on my shoulder I made it.

I was discharged to my home and family and have made it my goal to TELL ALL about this plant.


These are all over in the south and are common plants used to landscape gardens in the south. Now due to the popularity of tropical decorating themes they are being sold everywhere. Even in northern states.

I was the first SAGO PALM exposure in my area. This could have made my situation even worse if it were not for the expertise of the ASPCA Poison Control line.

They contain cyanide and should have a warning label. They do not.

See the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline. Keep the number handy.
Familiarize yourself with this plant and others that can cause a pup dire harm.

I have an angel on my shoulder.

Thank you Elsa!!!

I am one lucky puppy!!!!

Thank you Mica for passing on this very important, and potentially lifesaving, information. We’re very happy that Tallulah Belle is doing well and has no long-term residual effects.

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