Russia's President Putin Tells Reporters to Stop Feeding His Dog

 |  Jul 14th 2006  |   3 Contributions


Now isn't this a problem most of our furfriends would want? According to this report in from Reuters and Yahoo News, Russian President Putin is telling reporters to stop slipping treats to Koni, his black Labrador Retriever.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is fed up with reporters slipping his dog tidbits.

"Sometimes, Koni leaves a room full of journalists with a very pleased expression on her face and biscuit crumbs around her mouth," he said in answers to emailed questions posted on his Web site on Wednesday.

"Therefore, I appeal once again, this time via the internet, to all my visitors. Please. Don't feed my dog."

Koni is a curvaceous black labrador who made headlines by giving birth to eight puppies on the eve of 2003 parliamentary elections. She frequently sits in on Putin's meetings with foreign heads of state.

So President Vlad, if we promise not to feed her, can Koni come out and play with the Dogsters? I know President Isabel would LOVE to welcome Koni to our part of the world!

BTW, my Russian has slipped horribly. Can any Dogster tell me what Koni means in Russian?


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