Roman Dogs Unearthed in UK

 |  Apr 26th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Seems that being a dog in Roman England may have held risks that today's dogs don't face -- ceremonial sacrifice. IC Surrey Online reports that archeological teams in Surrey, England are working on dig sites that were unearhted decades ago. But while the sites are older, the archeologists are hoping for new information as they re-examine sacrificial sites with dog bones and coins, among other things.

BONES of dozens of dogs offered to the gods in Roman times and unearthed in Ewell 30 years ago is an archeological find that has triggered further investigation.

Bourne Hall Museum curator Jeremy Harte said: "This is a very exciting opportunity. We are looking at one of the most mysterious aspects of life in Roman Ewell - the cult centres where offerings were made to native gods."

If those local gods were interested in dog sacrifices I'm guessing they weren't Dogster material.


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