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This Robot Is Called the WildCat, But It Looks Like a Lovable Dog

Boston Dynamic's remarkable device is indeed doglike, but it's also, um, sort of terrifying.

 |  Oct 8th 2013  |   2 Contributions

Boston Dynamic, the premier maker of robots, has made a remarkable new robot. The company called it the WildCat rather than the WildDog for reasons only known to its marketing department -- which, for all we know, is just one guy and a box of Junior Mints. 

As you'll see in the video, the first thing he (the robot) does, this Mad Max dog encased in exoskeleton created a long time ago in a galaxy far away, is quietly beg for the Frisbee, which his owner, a Deceptacon, is holding off-screen. Then, at a hand signal, the dog sorts, farts, and rises -- then frantically bounces up and down for the Deceptacon to throw the flying disk. But Deceptacons are evil, of course, so the dog (which is named WildCat) must bounce and beg for a good long while. And then he runs, terrifying half of Massachusetts.

Do you see a cat in this? I don't see a cat. I see a fat Lab or Rottweiler, one of those hefty, wide-backed fellas who chugs after tennis balls like a Sherman tank. It also looks like a horse, and my 1983 Mazda that gradually fell apart during college.

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Boston Dynamic makes a lot of the robots that will one day take over the world. One of those is called Big Dog, and here's a video of it doing something ungodly with a cinderblock. Big Dog is earmarked to begin taking out civilization in 2025. 

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The future is going to be terrifying. But also sort of adorable?

Via Boing Boing. Watch more videos of Boston Dynamic here.


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