Road Danger: Driving Under the Influence (of a Dog)

 |  Aug 19th 2010  |   11 Contributions

A new study by AAA found that driving under the influence of a dog can be just as dangerous as cell phones, screaming kids, and loud music, according to a story on Fox News. If a driver is distracted by a dog in the car, it can lead to crashes.distracted_driver

And here's an oddball statistic reported by Fox: "AAA said that if a 10-pound dog is loose in a car and it crashes at 50 miles per hour, the pet could exert 500 lbs of pressure--endangering the pet and anyone in its path."

Imagine what a 95-pound dog like Jake could do! I won't even bother with the math.

The report recommends restraining dogs with doggy seat belts, harnesses, or in crates. I guess that would put an end to joyous moments, like the one in the video below. (Another find on the ever-fun Life With Dogs blog!)

Dog Sticks his Head out the Window Funny Video. from Jacob Barton on Vimeo.


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