Rhode Island Soldier Rescues Two Saudi Arabian Dogs

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Big tail wags for a soldier with a heart Lieutenent Colonel Matthew Brown!

Thanks to WPRI for this touching story.

Soldier Rescues Homeless Dogs

June 26, 2007 05:11 PM CDT

Middletown (WPRI) -- A soldier decides to help two homeless dogs he found while serving in Saudi Arabia. Now the pups are being nursed back to health right here in Rhode Island.

The Potter League for Animals is used to taking in strays... but had never taken in one from as far away as Saudi Arabia before.

That hasn't stopped them from finding a good home for two dogs who are now adjusting to life here in America.

Thelma and louise have had quite a journey up to this point. It all began when Army Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Brown found them on the streets of Saudi Arabia while he was in the middle of a one year tour there. He was set to come back to the states last month and didn't want to leave the two dogs behind.

Pat Heller from The Potter League for Animals says, "he found they're not in very good condition and he certainly feared for their lives on the street. He felt they weren't gonna make it."

Through family connections, Brown hooked up with The Potter League for animals in Middletown and they agreed to take in the dogs and find them a good home. Heller says, "they were a little shy when they got here, but they've really come out of it."

Over the last several weeks, trainers have been working with the dogs, helping them get used to people and other animals. The dogs have also learned how to walk on a leash.

They've been spayed, vaccinated and are ready for adoption.

While the siblings will be going to separate homes, those who have worked with Thelma and Louise believe they have a good life ahead of them.

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