Return to Sender: Will Woman Who Mailed Puppy Get Him Back?

 |  Feb 7th 2011  |   16 Contributions

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A pup just playing in a box, which is much better than being mailed in a box (Photo: Living Wilderness)

A Minneapolis woman who tried to mail a puppy to Atlanta via Priority Mail last week is scheduled to appear at a hearing today to try to get the puppy back.

Maybe she wants to give it a whirl with FedEx this time?

Last week Dogster reported that Stacey Champion, 39, tried to mail a four-month-old poodle-Schanauzer puppy to Atlanta as a birthday present for a child. Any air holes had been sealed with tape, and the pup had no food or water. The child on the receiving end would have had the shock of a lifetime two days later, because the poor puppy could not have survived -- especially in airplane cargo hold's minus-40-degree temperature. Fortunately the puppy shifted in the shipping box, which fell from the postal desk to the floor. This caught the attention of postal workers, who realized this was no ordinary package.

Today Champion is going to try to convince an administrative hearing officer that the pup, named Guess, should be returned to her. The Star-Tribune reports that in order to appeal the case, she had to pay $250 in fees. If she loses, she could appeal again, or Guess could be put up for adoption. There's a long line of good homes waiting to adopt him.

Either way, she still faces animal cruelty charges in a county court. Even if she wins her day in court today, she could end up having to give up the pup if she's found guilty.

I'll keep you posted. So to speak.


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