Rescued Piglet and Rescued Boxer Are Soulmates

 |  Dec 23rd 2011  |   8 Contributions

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Tabitha, the piglet, and Susie, the dog, at play

A 2-day-old piglet was found shivering and near death on the side of a country lane near Norwich in eastern England last month and brought to an animal sanctuary. There, she met up with a 5-year-old Boxer who had been rescued from life as a breeder at a horrendous puppy mill farm two years earlier.

The dog, Susie, must have had many puppies in her years as a breeder. Her maternal instinct kicked right in. She immediately took charge of the pig, Tabitha. And the pig revered her new friend.

They just took an instant shine to each other, and whilst Susie wanted to mother Tabitha at first as shes grown older they seem to be the very best of friends," Wendy Valentine, the founder of Hillside Animal Sanctuary , told The Telegraph.

They are constantly with each other and dont like being separated ... They go to sleep with each other and eat next to each other. Its lovely to see them playing with each other. Susie is very gentle with her and seems to know shes only young."

This YouTube video is really worth watching for a little holiday cheer. The pig, now 5 months old, seems to think she's a dog. I've never seen a pig play like that. I love how, toward the end, she grabs Susie's collar as if to pull her up to get her to play. They do often play a little rougher. They go racing around the room, rolling on their backs playing — its very funny," Valentine said.

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Unbelievably, this item was on the same page as the article about the pig in the Telegraph. That's just wrong, even if it was just an automatic placement!

What happens in a few weeks when Tabitha far outweighs Susie? Let's hope their sensitivity to each other continues. I'm sure Susie will let Tabitha know what works for her and what doesn't. And apparently they can remain playmates. The article in the Telegraph said Tabitha will be staying on at the sanctuary for the rest of her life. And it seems her canine best friend is also there to stay.

I'm sure they'll have a lovely holiday together. I have a feeling that this Christmas, fewer people will be digging into the holiday ham because of this video.

(Sources: The Telegraph, YouTube)


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