Ralph Lauren Dog Needs Better Photoshopping, Dontcha Think?

 |  Jun 30th 2010  |   10 Contributions


This cute bunch of Ralph Lauren-clad kids with a beshirted dog is picture perfect. Until you look a little more closely at the dog. Check him out in the close-up, below, which I got (complete with red writing) from the fun website, Best Week Ever.


I wouldn't have caught this myself, but I think there's something to this. His head is kind of plopped onto the shirt, don't you think? I guess it's better than the guy below, though.


Just a note that I've been on vacation for a few days and will be for another week, but will be continuing to post from NY and Montreal -- although my posts may be a little less meaty. But the bones will be there, which is what counts on a dog blog. :)


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