Rabid Dog's Revenge on Humans Who Ate Him

 |  Sep 23rd 2007  |   8 Contributions

All I can say is that I wish every one of these people a very long and painful series of rabies shots! Maybe that will put them off eating dogs!

Please be advised that this information could be upsetting to some people.

Thanks to Inquirer.net for this article.

30 taken ill after eating meat of rabid dog

By Orlando Dinoy
Last updated 09/22/2007

STA. CRUZ, DAVAO DEL SURMore than 30 residents of Barangay Tagabuli here were rushed to various hospitals on Wednesday after feasting on the meat of a suspected rabid dog, Mayor Joel Lopez said Thursday.

Lopez said the residents complained of severe stomach pains and weakness an hour after eating the dog meat.

He said a resident decided to butcher and cook her pet and then invited her neighbors to feast on the meat.

It was only after the neighbors complained of stomach pains and weakness that she told them the dog had actually gone rabid before it was killed and cooked.

She was very apologetic," one of the residents said.

Lopez said the victims have asked him for help, particularly for free anti-rabies shot.

They think that they have contacted rabies after eating the dog meat," he said.

But he said the local government could not provide them anti-rabies shots yet.

He said the local health office was still waiting for the results of laboratory tests conducted on patients.

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