Quentin Tarantino Stars With Dog in Wacky Japanese Ads

 |  Dec 7th 2009  |   9 Contributions

Celebs often go to Japan to appear in commercials that seem over the top to a lot of Westerners. But Quentin Tarantino? Really?

Actually, the above commercial is fairly typical for Softbank cell phones, says helpful Dogster engineer, Moss, who just returned from Japan. "It's a very popular theme for SoftBank commercials. It's a family composed of a dog and some foreigners who do funny things," he explains.

Apparently the deal is that if you buy a SoftBank cell phone, you get a free dog speaker. Or something like that. That speaker rocks! Where do I sign up? (And just what is that dog saying?)

And for Brad Pitt fans who don't care if there's a dog in a commercial, check out this SoftBank ad. Bizarre, but bizarre...


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