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Rest In Peace: One of Queen Elizabeth II's Corgis Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Monty -- a star of the Summer Olympics opening ceremony -- has passed away.

 |  Sep 11th 2012  |   2 Contributions

It is with a heavy heart that we report that one of Queen Elizabeth II's Corgis has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Buckingham Palace confirmed this week that Monty -- one of the Corgis featured in the James Bond sketch for the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony -- has passed away. 

No details were given about the cause of death or how old the dog was, though we suspect the death might have been from old age, as Monty was originally the Queen Mother's Corgi.

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Queen Elizabeth II and some of her Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Oh, and some chap named James Bond.

We're not sure which one Monty is in the James Bond video, but according to Corgi Addict, he is the second pooch to trundle adorably down the stairs.

Monty will live on in our hearts and memories as one of the royal Corgis who stole the show at the Summer Olympics. For that he'll always be a gold winner. We hope Monty is now rolling around in the Big Meadow in the Sky and chewing on an Everlasting Rawhide Bone (they have those in dog heaven) and eating tons of pizza and chocolate without getting sick.

The world will be a less adorable place now without Monty in it, but somehow we'll live on, because that's what Monty would want us to do.

Rest in peace, dear furry friend.

Via BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post.


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