Puppies Smuggled Across Mexican Border Sold in Southern California Flea Markets

 |  Apr 16th 2006  |   0 Contributions

If you visit flea markets in southern California, you may see some vendors selling puppies. You might be tempted to buy one. Be aware that doing so may support and encourage one of the more nefarious aspects of Mexican smuggling -- puppy smuggling.

A recent CNN article focused on the sick and starved puppies being smuggled across the border. Smugglers pay up to $50 for the three- to six-week-old puppies, stuff them in cars and sell them for $300 to $1000 at flea markets and on street corners.

A driver was caught at the San Diego border trying to smuggle in 28 starved, dehydrated and weak puppies, some of whom were too weak to stand.

The driver, who was only identified as a U.S. citizen, was charged with 28 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty and cited for failure to declare a shipment, Danielson said.

The puppies, ages 3 to 6 weeks, included Chihuahuas, boxers, cocker spaniels and poodle mixes. After two weeks of monitoring, they will be placed in shelters for adoption

Its bad enough we have uncontrolled and unprincipled puppy mills here. Now we're seeing the spread of this social evil into neighboring countries.


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