Pup Pals are now really Pup Pals!

 |  Jul 16th 2004  |   0 Contributions

Perhaps you noticed that we’ve temporarily removed the ‘Friendlist’ link. Sadly Pup Pals were making some big problems for us. Some people were getting 5,6,7 requests from the same dog they did not know. So from here on out to make a Pup Pal connection you’ll need to know the email of that dog’s guardian. Now that we have Dogster Private Messaging, consenting Dogster folks can safely chat, so that would be the place to meet new doggies and decide if you want to swap emails for Pup Pals. You can always save dogs you love in your Corral.

We love how much fun everyone is having with this, (woof woof woof!) but our top goal has always been and always will be that no user should ever have a bad experience, so we’ve got to make sure that never happens! Bark us a message if you have any thoughts on this. (Sparky is my dog and I Dogster Message ;)


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