Pugapalooza Pugmins Start Scavenger Hunt

 |  Jul 1st 2006  |   1 Contribution

Baby Brutus

What fun! Another scavenger hunt on Dogster! This one comes from the Pugapalooza Pugmins and although the first one is almost over, they're planning on doing it twice a year! Baby Brutus' and Baby Odie's mom wrote in to let everybody know.

Betty Rose wrote:
We just wanted Dogster to know that the Pugapalooza Pugmins were so impressed with the Dogster Scavenger Hunt that we started one in Pugapalooza! We have had several dogs join the hunt. We started it on the 1st of June (it ends tomorrow on the 30th). We just wanted to give a shout out and a thank you for the fun inspiring game! We plan to do Scavenger Hunts twice a year in the group, with prizes sponsored by the Pugmins.

Dogster really is the leader of the pack!

Thanks for running the hunts and barking in! Let us know when the next one starts so we can all play with the Pugmins!

Baby Odie


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