President Isabel's Animal Abuse Commission Targets Major Puppy Miller

 |  Aug 30th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Many of you probably saw the very sad story about the sixty puppies dying in the tractor trailer fire. The puppies were being sold by one of the most notorious puppy mill operations in the midwest and our own President Isabel's Animal Abuse Commission is taking them on!

Read on for how you can help stop this puppy mill in their tracks!

And Congratulations to the Commission for going over their goal of 1000 members!!!!

Attorney General Rosie Moondog wrote:
When it rains it pours. This story appeared on MSN.

60 puppies die in Mass. tractor-trailer fire

Follow this link to read the entire article.

The truck was owned by the Hunte Corp. of Goodman, Mo., a major puppy supplier for pet stores.

The Hunte Corp. is one of, if not the largest distributors of puppy mill pups. Members of President Isabel's Animal Abuse Commission are compiling a dossier on the Hunte Corp. to present to Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania (some of you may remember his cracking down on the state's Amish puppy mills), and the Department of Justice. If any of you have any experience with buying puppies via the Hunte Corp. please contact us with your story. We'd love to see these guys brought down. It would make a major dent in this horrible industry.

I visited the Hunte site and there is some very interesting info there, including the fact that they run pet stores and they are having a Breeders Conference in October.


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