President Isabel's Animal Abuse Commission Challenges Dogster Force to Join Forces Against Cruelty

 |  Apr 12th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Rosie Moondog

Rosie Moondog

Looks like some of our Dogster groups are working to find new ways to prevent cruelty to our furfriends. Check this out:

As some of you may know my sister Isabel and I have started a group called President Isabel's Animal Abuse Commission. Our purpose is to provide members with contact info for their state and federal
representatives, so they can write them and urge them to classify animal abuse crimes as felonies in all 50 states, so that the scumbags that torture and kill animals to get their jollies go to jail the first time for the first crime.

We have 172 members (I think they have more now--Joy) so far and we are challenging the Dogster Force to join us. Felony laws will help put puppy mill operators behind bars instead of slapping them on the wrists.

Thank you for your support!

Rosie Moondog

Way to go Dogsters! Let us know what we can do to support your efforts!


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