President Isabel Roverandum Invites All Dogsters and Catsters

 |  Jul 16th 2006  |   1 Contribution

President Isabel and Attorney General Rosie Moondog

President Isabel and Attorney General Rosie Moondog

President Isabel Roverandum invites all Dogsters and Catsters to join in the fight to stop animal abuse. We haven't heard from her in awhile but I bet that had to do with the Animal Abuse Commission's hard and often succesfful work against animal abuse.

President Isabel Roverandom wrote:
Hey Joy!
Since we launched my Animal Abuse Commission I have often been asked, "What can I do to help stop animal cruelty and abuse?" At the Animal Abuse Commission our philosophy is that each and every one of us can make a difference. Whether it's reporting cases of cruelty where you live, or simply being an example of how animals should be treated, there are lots of everyday things that can be done. One of them is advocating the strengthening of anti-abuse laws--the main goal of the Animal Abuse Commission. One of my favorite sites is Lisa Violet. Anyone who wants to be an advocate for stronger abuse laws can go to Lisa Violet's Cathouse to get the skinny on what to do. You can also join my Animal Abuse Commission where you can find links to that site, IMOM,, and more. Dogsters and Catsters can join our group and find all the tools they need to become Animal Advocates where they live.

I also wanted to bark in about a petition that Maya is pushing in Laws and Legislation regarding Quebec's puppy mills. I urge everyone to sign and help put an end to this industry forever.

The more bark the more bite!

BTW, although much of the work of the Commission is in North America, I know Isabel and the rest of the Commission love to have Non-North Americans involved as well so just because you line in Asia or Europe, don't feel like you can't jump in and do good things as well. Animal abuse occurs all over the globe and animals need your help everywhere.


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