President Isabel and Press Secretary Moo Cow Announce Largest Advocacy Group on Dogster

 |  Apr 26th 2006  |   0 Contributions

President Isabel

President Isabel

Dogsters and Catsters are leaping Into the fight against animal abuse. President Isabel's Animal Abuse Commission is now the largest anti-abuse group on Dogster!

President Isabel wrote:
Press Secretary Moo Cow is leading the Catster Membership Drive, and we are ready to announce our standing order Weekly Membership Challenge.

We want 100 new members joining my Animal Abuse Commission every week.

We're going to keep getting the word out, adding new links, and doing our best to keep everyone informed as to the pressing issues.

I'd also like to publicly commend Bullet for taking on the duty of running my BSL Task Force. Membership there is growing, and Chairman Bullet is fostering strong relations with our friends from the Great White North who are fighting their own brutal war against BSL.

Thank you to Joy, and everyone who has joined my administration's fight for animal rights.

Press Secretary Moo Cow (seen to the left) wrote in to let us know that Dogsters and Catsters everywhere are taking up the challenge of preventing more Mooies and Kahns.

Press Secretary Moo Cow

Press Secretary Moo Cow wrote:
On behalf of President Isabel I am pleased to announce that her Animal Abuse Commission has reached the 400 member mark. We set an ongoing membership challenge of 100 a week. With the help of our enthusiastic and devoted group, we met that goal a day early with 401. We are very excited and proud to be the largest animal advocacy group on Dogster. More and more are joining every day, adding their barks and meows to the cause of fighting for justice for animals.

Though my membership campaign on Catster is off to a slow start we have gotten some more feline members who are adding their meows to the barks. We may be hampered by the lack of a good catch phrase. So far I've got, "The more meows the more tuna fish." Tasty yes, but not the most effective rallying cry. I'm workin' on it.

Thank you President Isabel, Press Secretary Moo Cow, Bullet and all the other cats and dogs who are part of this ongoing effort!




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