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Roscoe, a Rescue Dog With a Cloudy Eye, Has a Clear Future

On a Bahamas cruise, one woman took home an atypical souvenir via Angels for Adoption.

 |  Mar 31st 2014  |   2 Contributions

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When Kelli Jo Folkers took a cruise to the Bahamas, she didn't do the typical things a person usually does when her boat docks. A long-time rescue participant, Folkers went straight to Angels for Adoption, an organization in Nassau, Bahamas, that helps puppies find their way into forever homes in the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, and surrounding islands. Folkers had been following the page on Facebook and she was excited to be able to visit it in person.

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Roscoe -- then Ace -- as a puppy with Folkers' mother.

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Too cute!

Folkers says visiting Angels for Adoption was the most exciting part of her cruise, and she was particularly enamored with a puppy named Ace who was distinguished from the rest of his litter mates by his one cloudy eye. They had all suffered a bout of hepatitis, and the condition claimed two of the litter and left Ace with his strange eye.

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Folkers wonders if Roscoe's eye deterred adopters.

The Potcake puppy remained with Folkers long after returning home from her trip, and she kept an eye on his adoption status on the Angels for Adoption Facebook page. Whether it was Ace's unusual appearance or maturity out of the cute puppy phase that deterred adopters, the dog remained without a home, and time was running out. Unfortunately, Angels cannot accommodate dogs once they're past a certain age. Folkers knew she had to act, so she sent the organization an email saying, "I want him, we need to find a way."

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Roscoe is currently living with a foster family as he awaits transport to his new home.

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And find a way they did. Through a communal effort, Ace -- now named Roscoe -- will be coming home to Folkers in the United States the second week of April. While Folkers knows there are many dogs in her own country who need a home, she and Roscoe made a connection -- he possesses many of the same characteristics of her current dog, Sam, who is sadly battling cancer. Sometimes it's just love at first (cloudy) sight.

If you're as excited for Roscoe's homecoming as we are, you can check out Roscoe's Facebook page.

All photos via Angels for Adoption 

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