"Pot Head" Dog Back With Owner

 |  Feb 9th 2011  |   9 Contributions

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Blue, who was temporarily named Smokey, during his unfortunate little incident (Photo: KESQ)

California has reputation for being home to a good number of potheads. But a California dog who recently got his head stuck in a long, cylindrical metal smudge pot has put a whole new spin on the idea.

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Blue was reunited with his owner, Daniel Carlson (Photo: Press Telegram, courtesy of Amy Farrell/Riverside County Animal Services Officer)

Blue, who was nicknamed "Smokey" while animal officers from the Riverside County Animal Services sought his owner, was probably going after a mouse or other small critter when his head got stuck in the top of the old smudge pot. (A smudge pot, for those of you not used to preventing frost on fruit trees, is an oil-burning device that does just that.)

It must have been an odd experience for the poor 2-year-old pooch. How did he even manage to walk? He was probably hoping none of his friends would see him. I must say wearing a smudge pot makes wearing an Elizabethan collar look like a walk in the park.

Animal care officers were able to cut Blue out of the cylinder. He was fine, if you don't count a blackened head and hurt pride. He is now back with his owner, and may be a little more careful where he sticks his snout for a while.


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