Pony Wins Prize in Australian Mardi Gras Dog Contest

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Thanks to the Village Voice.com.au for this report on Mardi Gras Down Under!

Pony wins place in Mardi Gras dog show

Horses don't normally enter dog shows, let alone win prizes, but at Mardi Gras Fair Day, anything is possible.

Stumpy the pinto captured the audience's hearts when he made an unexpected appearance in the Best Dressed division, led by a woman from Clydesdale Rescue Inc. He only wore a yellow shawl, but trotted away with third prize.

Darrell King from Clydesdale Rescue said, "Just for people to see him is enough but third place is great."

If there had been a Disadvantaged division, as in some of the previous years, Stumpy would probably have won that too.

He was born six months premature, with deformed front legs, and was rejected by his mother. He recently broke one leg and has pins and plates in it.

He seemed unfazed by the more extravagant costumes worn by the other entrants: feathers, ruffles, tinsel, leis and leather chaps.

Two miniature ponies entered the Obstacle Course, where entrants had to weave through packets of dog food, jump through a hoop, walk along a bench, jump into a small pool, and run through hostess Miss Pasty Decline's legs.

Pinky, a five-year-old pony, balked at some of the tasks, and settled for leaping over the bench, but still won third place, beating many dogs and the other pony, Ike.

Anthony Leighton, who showed Pinky, was surprised at the award, saying that he had entered for fun and because "I couldn't bring my puppy. He's too young."

Pinky's owner, Tangil Kinch, said that the horse had been given her name because the skin around her eyes was bright pink when she was born. Anthony dyed part of her mane and tail and painted her hooves pink for the competition.

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