Poncho's Challenge to Us All!

 |  Nov 30th 2006  |   2 Contributions


Thanks to Kemmy, Bella Bean's furmom, for barking in about this great holiday challenge to us all! While Poncho initially issued this challenge in the Plus threads I think its good enough for all of us to take it on! In fact, if you're not a Pluser and want to post an activity you've done in response to this challenge, please feel free to post it in the Dog Blog Bark Out Group Forum.

Kemmy wrote:
My pal Poncho Has started a thread Challange that I think deserves as much spotlight as it possibly can get... Im taking the challange and you can to! Get the word out and do something that will bring a little happiness to a homeless animal.

Poncho's Challange:

Alright all you Plusers, I'm holding a holiday challenge.

While many of you woofs are all snuggly and warm in your bed, THOUSANDS are sitting in their little prison-like cells awaiting either a new furever home or a very ugly fate so many before them have met.

This is the season to give. I'm sure many of you are shopping out there for your loved ones and friends no matter what holiday you may be celebrating. Well where's the harm in giving a little more?

So here it is.


I would like to see as many Plusers as possible to take a few minutes out of their busy shopping schedule and bring a smile to a homeless dog's face. It hasn't got to be much. Donate a $1, $5, bring them a warm blanket, stop by and give them a HUG! ANYTHING! Anything at all to allow these woofs to enjoy the holiday spirit that's going around. Because when we all think about it.

If this holiday happens to be their last, wouldn't you feel better knowing you at least brought one minute of joy to an otherwise upset soul?

For those of you woofs that do, please post here and help share your story to motivate others to do so.



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