Political Chews: Win A Toy!

 |  Oct 6th 2008  |   56 Contributions

The Wonky Bonkers contest was so much fun, and we had so many great answers. Unfortunately, not every Dogster could be a winner. Many pups were left toyless.

So, when the fine folks at Fat Cat offered up some political toys for a giveaway I couldn't refuse.

The folks at Bamboo have come up with Political Animals, toys that look like the candidates. For your chewing pleasure.

North Hills, Calif. - So...the race is on for the White House. But Fat Cat's got some home-grown candidates of its own that will be seen campaigning all over the country! And who knows... some of em may even end up in the White House! (Well, most likely on the floor, but who's counting?).

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Political AnimalsTM from Fat Cat, Inc. Ok, this is who you think it is. The dogs have voted and the folks at Fat Cat have listened! With firm stances on planting more trees to wee on, building more dog parks and increased tax breaks on kibble, we've given our dogs the chance to chomp the vote in our next election!

The contest is not political, it's all about the toys. I'm not looking to find out who you're voting for. I don't need to know why you like, or dislike, a candidate.

All I want to know is if you won, would you choose to chew a toy that looks like the candidate you would or wouldn't vote for? Leave your answer, in the comment section, and I will choose 4 winners at random on Friday, October 10. Gook luck!


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