Polish Boat Crew Members Adopting Dog They Rescued From Ice Floe

 |  Jan 29th 2010  |   16 Contributions

Adam Buczynski, a sailor from the ship, pulled the cold, exhausted, hungry dog off the ice floe. Photo: Maciej Czoska/AP

The crew of a boat of Polish sea scientists who rescued a dog who'd been drifting on an ice floe for several days will be adopting him, according to news reports.

His original owners have not stepped up to claim him. Crew members are reportedly relieved.

Even though the men are sea veterans, and hardened men, in the case of the dog they showed huge heart, Ewa BaradziejKrzyzankowska of the Sea Fisheries Institute told TVN 24.

The dog will become part of the crew, he said. If he withstood so many days on an ice floe, he must be a sea wolf.

Poland's President, Lech Kaczynski, known as a dog owner, sent the crew a letter of praise.

"Such gestures make our world a better one," Kaczynski wrote.

The dog has been named "Baltic," after the sea on which he was found, and after the research vessel, the Baltica, where he will be spending his days.

For an account of his misadventure and rescue, see Dogster's previous coverage.


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