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In West Toledo, Ohio a SWAT team showed up at the home of Sean Gillespie. They were there to arrest a friend who was renting a room in his house.

When the police were entering Gillespie’s property his dog Jozie, a pit bull, ran out into the yard. The police shot the pit bull, firing five times. According to neighbors who watched the incident the pit bull was not on the attack, she was wagging her tail.

“It’s one thing that they may have to protect themselves but from what we’ve heard from the neighbors and stuff she was sitting there wagging her tail,” Gillespie said.

When Gillespie questioned police as to why Jozie was shot, he was told to get back on the sidewalk or risk arrest. According to the owners the police were even laughing after the shooting. “The one officer came in and said, ‘Yup, that’s the only good pit bull, a dead one,'” Gillespie said.

Police Chief Mike Navarre has stated the shooting will be investigated by the officers’ supervisors.

We do not have comment from the police as to their side of the story, but if this is true the officers involved need to be charged and brought to justice.

* The beauty above is Dogster member Pita. According to her owner she is part of the NPC, aka Naughty Puppy Club.