Poison In The Park

 |  Mar 25th 2009  |   3 Contributions

This is a warning for the Canadian pups out there living in the Durham, Ontario area. At Poplar Park cupcakes with poison have been left on the ground making some local dogs sick after eating them.

Police in Durham region were called to Poplar Park on Ash Street at around 11:30 p.m. after at least three separate dog owners brought their pets to a local animal clinic when they became sick.

The owners said the dogs were in the park earlier that evening and ingested cupcakes that were left on the ground near a tree. Each dog became ill soon after eating the food.

The veterinarian at the animal clinic told police the dogs likely ingested a substance similar to anti-freeze, such as windshield wiper fluid.

Since the news about the poisoned cupcakes has become public two more cases have been reported. The park is now closed for investigation. The police do not know if the poisoned cupcakes were left to intentionally poison local animals.

This is the second poisoning story I have reported on in less than a month, the other was in Arizona. Regardless of whether you live in either area, this should serve as a warning to make sure your dog doesn't pick up food off the ground. You hate to have to worry about poison being in something your dog may get a hold of, but unfortunately it's a sad reality of today's world.

Police say they want to speak with people who may have information on who placed the cupcakes in the park. Investigators can be reached at 1-888-579-1520 ext. 2686.

I want to thank Dogster member Rudy for barking this to me, helping to keep all those Canadian pups safe. Eh?

* Pic of park courtesy Sympatico.msn.ca


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