Poetry -- Advice From a Veteran to a New Shelter Pup

 |  Apr 11th 2006  |   1 Contribution

More moving poetry by a Dogster, but this time its from Jodi in the Pet-O-Nomics Group. The Pet-O-Nomics Group is:

For pets and people who support animal rescue and spaying/neutering. We believe that adopting a homeless pet in need is the way to go. We're all about educating people in a postive way and helping animals 1 by 1.

Jodi brings us this poem that I think belongs in every dog shelter. Thanks Jodi!


Advice From a Veteran to a New Shelter Pup

You gotta take this place by storm!
You gotta rub up against 'em,
squeeze yer little nose through the bars.
You gotta schmooze!

'Cause you only got one shot here
Before they pass you by,
Before they go on the the littler, cuter pup,
Or the one with the pretty fur and the cute doe eyes.

You gotta catch their eye, son, 'cause they ain't gonna look twice.
You gotta tell them you're worth somethin',
puff your chest out and give it your all!

'Cause when you hear that big door shut for the last time,
It's the loneliest sound in the world.


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