Pit Bull Freezes to Death

 |  Dec 8th 2010  |   27 Contributions

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This warm, comfy pittie sleeps in a setting his severly neglected counterpart probably dreamt of while stuck outside in freezing temperatures. (Photo: From Flickr photostream of Melgupta)

A pit bull left out in the cold in Indiana froze to death, while his puppy managed to survive.

Temperatures were cold enough to freeze a bowl of water in a half hour when animal control officers spotted the puppy shivering in a yard. They inspected the scene and found the body of a dog who turned out to be his father.

The owner of the dogs has been cited, and will appear in court later this month, according to MyWabashValley.com. The puppy was removed from the scene, and is expected to be fine.

Looks like the beginning of a long winter.


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