Photo Enhancements for Plus and Regular Accounts

 |  Apr 14th 2011  |   1 Contribution

Hi everypaw,

Just a quick update to let you know about some enhancements we've made to photos on pet pages:

1. Plus members can now upload up to 200 photos - that's a hundred photos more than we used to offer! Huzzah!

2. Dogster members with regular accounts will get space for an additional 10 photos, and they will also have access to the Dogster Photo Manager our Plus members currently use.

The photo manager will allow you to decorate photos, re-order your photos, pick a new primary photo, make photos inactive, delete and add new photos. Members with basic accounts may store a total of 20 photos, 10 of which may be displayed on their pet page.

Below is a screen capture of the Aviary photo editor, which will let you decorate your pictures:

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Now go have some fun!

Your pals at HQ


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