-- A Service That Could Save Your Dog's Life

 |  Jan 8th 2007  |   0 Contributions

We spend a lot of money on our dogs with good food, fun toys and goodness knows what. Here is a service that every pet guardian should have. Its PetSummary and it provides a longterm and easily accesible record of your dogs' health and vaccination records.

Here's what the site says:

PetSummary Service

PetSummary is useful for any type of animal and in almost every situation. Whether you are at home or on the road, our service helps you provide the best possible protection and care for your pet. Our service offers you:

The PetSum CardTM - a wallet or purse sized summary of all your animals health record, medical needs, daily routines plus your personal and emergency contact information. Make it easy for anyone to care for your pet as you would.

24/7 access to your animals veterinarian certified vaccination record from any online computer. Perfect for travel, the last minute trips to the kennel, or moving between multiple vets.

The Guardian Pet TagTM combines the visibility of a standard ID tag with the power and reach of the Internet. You can share and update as much information as you'd like from any online computer.

Follow this link to learn more about PetSummary.


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