PetSmart Pet Hotel Employees Accused of Hitting Dogs

 |  Nov 6th 2007  |   23 Contributions

This is every furparents' nightmare -- you entrust your furbaby to someone you expect to treat him or her with love and care and then you find out you have been betrayed. Your dog has been mistreated.

If you have used PetSmart Pet Hotel you might want to check out this blog entry from The Consumerist.

PetSmart Employee Beats Dogs, Keeps Job

Reader Matt watched a PetSmart PetsHotel employee strike several dogs while waiting to pick up his pet. Matt immediately spoke with the store manager, who called the next day called to condemn the employee's actions as 'horribly inappropriate,' and to promise that the employee would no longer work with dogs. Ten days later, Matt received another call, this time from the District Manager.


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