Petition To Keep Michael Vick From NFL

 |  Dec 24th 2008  |   63 Contributions

For any Dogsters out there that are as disgusted as I am with Michael Vick's actions, and minimal sentence, there is a petition to ban him from the NFL.

Michael Vick has openly admitted to the fighting, torture, and murder of many pit bulls on his land in Virginia. These dogs were not only fought but murdered in some of the most brutal ways-beating, drowning, hanging, and even electrocution.

For the horrible crimes that Michael Vick has committed, he was sentenced to a mere 23 months in prison, and now his lawyers are announcing that he should be out of prison and in a halfway house by Jan. 20, 2009.

This petition is to encourage the NFL to not reinstate Michael Vick into the NFL EVER! As we all know, famous athletes are supposed to be role models, setting a good example for America and its youth. Michael Vick should never be allowed to play professional football again.

If you agree with this, please sign the petition. For more information on how the dogs lives have been affected please visit

There was a big outcry when the article about Wildside Kennels was posted. Regardless of what side you were on (no need to revisit that argument, you know who I'm talking about) now's your chance to stand up for what's important, the dogs.


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