Petchitecture Puts the Fur in Furniture

 |  Apr 12th 2009  |   8 Contributions

Petchitecture is an annual San Francisco fundraising event that is barked to life each year by the good people at PAWS, which stands for Pets Are Wonderful Support. All monies raised during this fundraiser help San Franciscans with HIV/AIDS and other disabling illnesses, as well as senior citizens, stay together with their beloved pet. While it is a local San Francisco event, the furniture that is presented and auctioned off is cool and clever enough that it may one day make its way into a pet store near you.

Dogster was present at a pre-fundraiser meet-and-greet last week, and we took some shots of a few of the pieces of furniture that will be auctioned off at the actual event on Friday, April 24th. Check out these cool designs!

Dogster is proud to give a huge bark out to our friends at PAWS, because they're not only doing a great thing for people in need, but they're encouraging the creation of some pretty dog-gone grrrroovy pet furniture! Woofs to you, PAWS!

You can find out more about PAWS and even watch a video that shows last year's gala event here.


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