PETA Employees on Trial In North Carolina for Promising to Find Homes for Dogs, Then Murdering Them

 |  Feb 3rd 2007  |   7 Contributions

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Christy, Shakespeare's furmom, barked in to alert us to the current trial of two PETA employees who promised to find homes for dogs, then killed them instead.

Hi Joy,
There's a trial going on this week for two peta employees who "rescued" animals from NC shelters with the promise to find them new homes, and then instead, they euthanized the animals and tossed them, in trash bags, into a shopping center dumpster.

(Personal rant: How hypocritical and unethical is this?!? Let's save chickens and cows but kill homeless, helpless animals! They could use their resources on better things, like spaying and neutering animals, helping shut down puppy mills, donating money to shelters for improvements, etc. Anyhoo.)

Myself and other Dogsters have been following the trial on the Dog Laws and Legislation Forum from this web site and it's just horrifying. Dogster Kolbe posted a quote from Day 9 that will just make you want to cry.

(Even if you find the peta Kills Animals site too "biased" to post on your blog, there are links to other media outlets that you can read the story on.)

I don"t think this trial has gotten national news coverage, but it should. I think your blog would be a great way to spread the word to other animal lovers.

Thank you for reading this.

Here's a link to recent article on the trial in Myrtle Beach Online.


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