PETA Causes Trouble at Tennessee Dog Show

 |  Apr 8th 2007  |   25 Contributions

If anyone from PETA would like to explain this action, please bark in! Also, if you know more about this situation, please bark in!

Thanks to Lynn H. for barking this in!


Heads up for exhibitors.. ..

Suzie just called from the Franklin, TN 4 day circuit to file this report:
PETA was on the grounds today -- mostly taking pictures of dogs in rates ("animal cruelty") and causing a scene. After lunch an attempted theft of a GSD created a lock down of the building. An announcement was made on the loudspeaker just before groups that the State Troopers were called in and would be helping in "security" for the handlers and their dogs! As of then only one door guarded by law enforcement and watched by club members remains open to come in or go out. Handlers got their friends/assistants to watch their set ups while they were in the ring showing in the groups.

Now Franklin, Tennessee is only about 4 hours from Louisville, and the consensus of opinion was that this was a "dress rehearsal" for the big event.

Anyone planning on taking dogs, bring padlocks for your crates and use the buddy system. Introduce yourself to people set up around you if you are crated in the building, and take turns watching the dogs. Rumors are circulating that this could end up going back to the national level like it did several years ago when handlers started carrying baseball bats! Please think twice before leaving your dogs unattended at any show.


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