Pet Sounds--Album Targets Music-Loving Dogs

 |  Apr 23rd 2006  |   0 Contributions

Hollywood enjoying CD

Hollywood enjoying Ask the Animals: Songs to Make Dogs Happy!

National Public Radio (NPR) doesn't usually run news FOR dogs but in one case at least they made an exception. It was the day they spoke with musician and producer Skip Haynes about his CD: Ask the Animals: Songs to Make Dogs Happy!

Haynes created the album in conjunction with an "animal communicator," Dr. Kim Ogden-Avrutik, who served as a sort of translator during focus groups to test out the music. Among the revelations: Some kinds of percussion (too much like gunshots) and the word "no" (not popular among many species) are not popular among dog listeners.

Notable titles on the disc include "I'll Be Back," "I Love Food," and what Haynes says is the album's No. 1 hit, "Squeaky-Deakey!" Haynes says that by being in the room when the album is played for the first two or three weeks, owners can create a positive association with the music that later calms pets down while the owner is out.

The question is, do you get it at the pet store or the music store?


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