Pet Safe Insect Spray: Win A Bottle!

 |  Oct 22nd 2008  |   37 Contributions

Do you enjoy taking your furry pal for walks in the woods but worry about using bug spray that could be harmful around them?

There is a new product on the market, EcoSMART has a line of organic sprays safe to use around pets.

Kill insects organically and keep your family and pets safe!

After many years of research and testing, EcoSMART has developed organic insecticides that kill bugs and pests fast - yet are safe for use around children and pets!

With EcoSMART, you can harness the power of nature's own insecticides to effectively and safely kill bugs. Keep your loved ones safe from insects without the concerns of using synthetic chemicals around your home.

Protect your Home and Family Today!

Created with botanical oils, EcoSMART's bug-killing formulas offer an unprecedented margin of safety by using organic materials. These specifically formulated, patented blends of plant oils only harm insects and have no adverse effects on people, pets or the environment!

If you would like to win a bottle, they have four to choose from, leave a comment about why you would prefer to use an organic insecticide. Leave your answer in the comment section and on October 29th I will choose one winner at random. Good luck!


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