Pet-proofing Your Home

 |  Aug 24th 2006  |   0 Contributions

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Are you looking for new ways to make your home a bit safer for your furfriends? Check out this excellent article on the Ruling Cats and Dogs site!

Household Dangers for Cats and Dogs

Pets will investigate the world they find themselves in. This cannot be and should not be discouraged, but it can lead any pet into danger. Before acquiring a new cat-dog or puppy-kitten, it is worth considering what hazards it will face around your home, and what precautions may be taken. Such ordinary household items as pans of boiling water or hot fat, live cables (TV, lamps, radio or any wire they can reach), toxic cleaners such as bleach, laundry tablets, glass cleaners etc., are potential deathtraps and, as such, must be kept well out of reach.

A particular danger area is the garden, so before your pet is allowed to run free outside, you should check the garden for possible hazards and either remove them or put them behind secure fencing. Cats, even if they will eventually be let out any time, should not be allowed out for at least one or two months, and then only supervised (on a leash if you can) to get to know its new environment, and the smell of home. Kittens should not be allowed out until after all initial shots are completed, and only then supervised, at least until they are six months of age, so they may learn their home area, about the outdoors, and be able to protect themselves or run to safety without getting lost.

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