Pet Hospice in Colorado

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What a lovely service!

Thanks to Susan H., Bonita's furmom, for barking in this report from

A different type of hospice care for a different type of loved one

posted by: Jeffrey Wolf , Web Producer
reported by: Adam Chodak , 9NEWS Northern Reporter created: 2/25/2007 2:42:46 PM

FORT COLLINS When you are about to lose a loved one, there are usually a number of places to turn for support. It is rarely the same when you are about to lose a dog or a cat.

However, there is a hospice for pets in Fort Collins that is aiming to fill that void.

Remy was not just a dog, he was Marsha Carfields companion. Last year, he fell ill.

He had a large tumor in his nasal cavity and they couldnt operate because it was too severe, said Carfield.

By October, Remy was reaching the end.

I was worried that he wasnt getting the medication and he was in a lot of pain," said Carfield.

She turned to Colorado State University vets students Katie Christopher and Brooke James for help. They are part of the hospice program in Fort Collins that is designed specifically for terminally ill pets like Remy.

We would assess Remy and just kind of take temperature, pulse, respiration, just kind of make sure everything was going okay," said Christopher.

Christopher and James would come over to Carfields home every morning, delivering relief for Remy, and helping Carfield cope with the impending loss.

Emotional support is definitely a big part of this," said Christopher.

Christopher and James hope the pet hospice in Fort Collins will inspire others elsewhere.

I think pet hospice is definitely growing and developing in this day and age where pets arent really being considered pets anymore, more like a part of the family," said Christopher.

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