Pennsylvania Pomeranian Saves Family from House Fire

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Way to go Bear!!! Big barks to a little hero!

Thanks to the Cumberland-Times News for this article.

Pet dog alerts Somerset County couple to house fire

Kecia Bal, Special to the Times-News

GARRETT, Pa. - With nothing but the pajamas they were wearing, Donald and Elaine Miller watched their life's belongings burn to ashes early Friday after their dog, Bear, woke them from their sleep.

"That dog saved their lives," their son Rick Miller said, viewing the destruction Friday afternoon.

All that remained after the blaze that drew firefighters from six departments was the shell of the brick house in the Brothersvalley Township countryside where the couple lived for 24 years.

Around 2:45 a.m., the little red Pomeranian barked at the retired couple, and Mr. Miller walked to the kitchen and saw smoke, Rick Miller said.

The two escaped out the back patio safely, but Mr. Miller ran back after the dog, family members said.

He and the dog emerged again and then neighbors began to gather, waiting for firefighters from Garrett, Meyersdale, Rockwood, Berlin, Salisbury and Somerset to battle the flames at 2081 Mason Dixon Highway, Brothersvalley Township.

Firefighters returned twice Friday when the fire rekindled. The fire, which apparently began in a back bedroom, was ruled accidental, authorities said.

Mr. Miller, 73, who is retired from Fleetwood Folding Trailers, and Mrs. Miller, 66, retired from Meyersdale Manufacturing, are staying with a son, Dave Miller, in Garrett. The dog is with them.

The house is a total loss and is insured, their son said.

The only possessions that didn't burn were two Bibles, he said, along with a set of the Lord's Prayer glass hands - though the coffee table it was sitting on is destroyed.

"Everything they had is gone," he said.

Rick Miller's girlfriend, Cindy Hare, said the loss couldn't have happened to nicer folks.

"They're wonderful people," she said.

"I told them, 'There were two Bibles, two of you and two angels watching over,' " Hair said. "That dog is the guardian angel. That dog is a hero."

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