Pazzo is 1000th Pug on For the Love of Pugs Group

 |  Apr 21st 2006  |   2 Contributions



Congratulations to Pazzo for being the 1000th member of the For the Love of Pugs Group!!

Nancy M. wrote:
Hi Joy - thank you for posting Howie's picture on the blog. He is
certainly proud of himself today. We sent you a link to announce the 1000th member of our dogster group, For the Love of Pugs, was Pazzo the Puggy from New England. It would be wonderful if you could honor Pazzo as our 1000th member!
Our group allows all kinds of doggies, not just pugs. Pazzo is a special Harley ridin' puggy whose nickname is lil piggy. We sure are excited to be part of the dogster family with all our fat wriggley puggies and doggies. Thanks again Joy. We sure love the blog!

Nancy and the Pantsters


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