Pawlick -- Art Your Dog Could Sink His Teeth Into

 |  Oct 24th 2006  |   3 Contributions

Pawlick No. 78

I'm not sure if this is art with a sense of whimsy or whimsy with a sense of art but whatever you want to call it, Pawlick has taken a different turn with dog food. That's right, dog food. He use dry dog food as his media in his art.

Here's what Pawlick says about his work:


With my dry dog food works, I create the unexpected from the everyday, turning the average into the extraordinary.

A creative challenge to both inspire fresh thought amongst viewers and to assist animal outreach groups brought about this unique and light-hearted medium. Faced with a limited chromatic palate, I use basic foreground geometries and substratal patterns of flow to balance and overcome the inherent limitations therein. Finding the balance in each piece in turn inspires me to accept that challenge anew with every new creation.


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