Paris Hilton to Front New Dog TV Show

 |  Aug 22nd 2006  |   4 Contributions

According to K9 Magazine, Paris Hilton has a new gig.

Hotel heiress and celebrity dog owner Paris Hilton is set to front a new US television show called America's Cutest Pup.

In what appears to be a TV version of a small dog beauty contest, Hilton will cast her 'expert eye' over a parade of 'cute' puppies.

The role is likely to be the biggest yet in Hilton's fledgling TV career.

Paris, who is famous for (amongst other things), being photographed with her own beloved Chihuahua Tinkerbell as well as reportedly 'misplacing' her beloved Tinkerbell, is set to appear on British screens in the future as the show is scheduled to appear in the UK after it airs in the States.

A source is quoted as saying: It will be a bit like the new Liza Tarbuck TV show Britains Top Dog except the emphasis will be on cute little dogs rather than daft mutts.

Contestants from all around the United States will enter their beloved hounds into a national competition to find the best. Viewers will vote for their favourites and Paris will host."

An advert for hopefuls keen to appear on the show read:: If you think your puppy is the most adorable puppy in all America, this might be your opportunity to show him or her off."

To enter, dogs have to be between four and eight months old and one would assume must be 'cute'.


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