Owners Of Dogfighting Ring Made To Pay

 |  Nov 19th 2008  |   10 Contributions

Another story about dogfighting, but this one with a twist.

Mitchell Beasley, and live-in girlfriend Lindy Louise Andrews, were running a dogfighting ring on their property in Waynesboro, TN. At their initial court appearance they were ordered to put up money to take care of the dogs that were confiscated.

"They have 10 days to get the bond money up," Wayne County Sheriff Ric Wilson said.

The sheriff said bonds were also established at $25,000 cash each or $75,000 property each.

"If they do get out, they can't go back to the property until we get the dogs properly cared for," Wilson said.

Now that's what I'm talking about, it's payback time. The pair were each charged with 22 counts of aggravated animal cruelty and 22 counts of dog fighting.

The immediate need is to find a safe place for the confiscated dogs, talks with the local Humane Society will be taking place in hopes they can help.

"We hope that each one can be saved. At one time, there is no doubt they were beautiful animals," Wilson said. "It's just sickening to think about what has happened to them and what they have been through."

I've left out some of the details because it was just to disgusting to post. I'm glad to see that the courts have taken the extra step of ordering the couple to pay for the dogs care. I applaud the judge for taking that step.

These people should be made to pay for the care for the lifetime of the dogs, their property should be taken away and sold at auction, and they deserve to rot in jail.


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