Overweight Dogs, But Not Cats, Linked to Overweight Owners

 |  Jan 15th 2010  |   56 Contributions

fat-dog310x293-main_FullA Dutch study reveals that overweight people tend to have corpulent canines (which is already pretty well known), but that this relationship does not exist for people and their cats.

It was a small study, examining fewer than 100 people-pet pairs, so we're not necessarily convinced of its validity, but it is food for thought.

The link between obese people and dogs is well established. It's perceived as a double-whammy of people and their pooches breaking a little too much bread in their household, and not getting sufficient exercise.

But we see no reason why overweight dog owners would feed their dogs too much, while overweight cat owners wouldn't. So perhaps it really boils down to walks. Cats don't usually get them, need them, or want them. They can exercise themselves all they want by chasing imaginary objects around the house. Or if they're indoor-outdoor cats, they walk themselves. But dogs need their walkies. And it's been shown that obese human-dog pairs don't exercise as much.

So score one for cats. Their stereotypical independence from their humans may prove a healthy habit after all...

Stay tuned for more news on chubby canines next week.


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