Over the Rainbow Bridge Hosts Virtual Singles Dance

 |  Mar 17th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Bono (of the rainbow Bridge) hosts events at Over the Rainbow group

Do you have a lonely single dog just pining away for want of a gentleman caller or lady love? Well here's your chance to experieince the E Harmony of puppy love. The way this works is at 2 PM Saturday one of the Over the Rainbow group administrators will start playing those CDs and your dog can dance with other dogs (or cats) who have signed in to dance. Bono, shown to the right, explains how it works.

At 2:00 tomorrow we will start the singles dance for all interested. I'll ask all felines and canines who would like to attend, to please post their interest. Then I'll annouce the beginning of the dance and the first song and it'll be up to the individual cats and dogs to ask an interested partner to dance. Everyone can dance, even if you're not looking for a *match* but with so many dogs and cats looking for romance, we wanted to have an event where they were able to meet one another.

You can also ask a cat or dog to dance to a certain song. Like I might post to Kassie "My sweet, would you like to dance to "I Will Always Love You?" or Gato might ask Autum "Autum, would you like to get down to "Boogie Nights?"

Okay, so Bono IS a cat. But true love is strange. Who knows, maybe a cat could help your dog meet his soulmate at the Over the Rainbow Bridge Singles Dance...

In case you're wondering, the Over the Rainbow group was founded to provide, "support, love and kindness for all the Rainbow Bridge pets and their families."


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