Oregon Breeder Turns Over 200 Dogs

 |  Mar 13th 2009  |   0 Contributions

The Oregon Humane Society has had a non-stop influx of dogs lately. In January they received over 100 of the 500 plus dogs rescued from an Oregon home. Now they are getting 200 dogs from an older breeder who is giving them up because he can no longer care for them.

Sheriff David R. Glerup, who was concerned about the dogs' welfare, persuaded the man last week to surrender the dogs to the humane society. By signing the agreement, Glerup said, the man will not be charged with animal neglect. He also will keep 20 dogs.

"He had more dogs than 50 people would need," Glerup said Thursday afternoon, just as the first group of rescuers from Portland arrived at his office. "We were counting them and got up to 196 but there were more running around."

Glerup said other than a few cases of worms, the dogs were healthy, well-fed and well cared for. He expects the operation to go smoothly, although the man "has been known to change his mind."

In addition to Shiba inus and Akitas, both Japanese breeds, the dogs include Labradors and "a mix of many others."

It's good to know that unlike the other case most of these dogs seem to be in good condition. The Oregon Humane Society has workers and volunteers who will be helping pack up the dogs and transport them to the Northeast Portland headquarters.

Pictured above is Argentina, she is a beautiful senior dog who needs a forever home. Since she's a little older, about 10, she may not be able to go long walks but she has plenty of love to give. Any couch potatoes out there looking for a great snuggler ?


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