Only in LA: A Gourmet Ice-Cream and Treat Truck for Dogs

 |  Jan 11th 2011  |   8 Contributions

As if all the gourmet food trucks that cruise around Los Angeles weren't enough for the city's fine palates, we introduce the brand-new Phydough, the first ice-cream and gourmet treat truck just for canines.

Does your dog look like he wants a nice foie gras ice-cream? Come out to the truck! How about peanut butter and bacon? (In case this trend hasn't hit your household yet, everything goes with bacon these days.) Dogs who prefer less chilly treats in these cool days of January can nosh on a red velvet cookie. Or for a taste treat that will make the carnivore side of your dog drool, try a duck-fat cookie. You can even fool your dog into thinking you made the cookies yourself by buying a wad of frozen cookie dough to bake when you get home.

There's something for every dog at Phydough's truck -- at least for every dog who wants organic, human-grade (or artisan-grade, when available) ingredients to be part of their treat repertoire. But before you go chasing around the truck, make sure to have your wallet at the ready. Goodies like these don't come cheap.

To find out the truck's general schedule or whereabouts, follow Phydough on Twitter.

(Thanks to Dogster Community Manager Lori Malm for the hot word on this cool truck!)


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